Challenge-Based Learning On Climate Change: A Mini-MOOC (öppen mini-kurs)

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Hållbar utveckling, Klimatförändringar, Ekologi


En kort öppen kurs om klimatförändringar och för att skapa pedagogiskt innehåll (kursplan, moment eller kursaktivitet, studieuppgift) för dina studenter/elever - som du även lär dig dela med andra.

TakingITGlobal’s Challenge-based Learning on Climate Change mini-course will prepare you to bring environmental education to life across STEMx subjects, with a engaging learning approach linked to real-world opportunities for action. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the basics behind climate change science by exploring videos from leading experts in the field, and explore what it means to bring a Challenge-based Learning approach to your pedagogy. You will be challenged to create and share a lesson plan or activity to incorporate into your teaching, and have the opportunity to learn from and help shape the ideas of your classmates across the globe. We can’t wait to learn with you — get started today by clicking the enroll link to your right!


Instructor: Michael Furdyk — TakingITGlobal


TakingITGlobal, via The New Media Consortium och NMC Academy (




Michael Furdyk — TakingITGlobal




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Hållbar utveckling

Resursens tidmässiga överlappning

Mini-courses are online experiences that are flexibly offered and involve 6-12 hours of time to do the activities required to complete them. Those hours can be completed over a weekend, or over 3-4 weeks.


Designed for education professionals.

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The mini-courses are designed for education professionals, but are free and open to everyone! We encourage you to enroll as an individual or enroll with colleagues at your institution to take the mini-courses together.



Instructor: Michael Furdyk — TakingITGlobal, “Challenge-Based Learning On Climate Change: A Mini-MOOC (öppen mini-kurs),” Open SNH, accessed 30 september 2020,

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